Shabbat Morning Services

1250 Quintara Street, San Francisco

Services today will be on YouTube only Shabbat morning services are the perfect way to get away from the outside world and find a comfortable sanctuary to observe the Sabbath. Beginning at 9:30 AM, our services are conducted by Rabbi Shana, Cantor Hassid, and Torah reader Rabbi Reuben who also chants the Haftarah.   Although many of [...]

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Mussar Special Session

Congregation Ner Tamid 1250 Quintara Street, San Francisco

Middah/Soul Trait - Kaas/Anger This soul trait has come up many times in our previous Mussar sessions. How do we deal with anger? Can it ever be positive? We will look at some texts from the "Mussar Torah Commentary" to see how instances of anger in the Torah can help us calm our anger, work with [...]

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